Coastal Controversy: Corruption Clouds Over Dhërmi’s Prime Lands


Dhërmi, Albania – The serene coastline of Dhërmi, with its glistening waters and idyllic beaches, has been the subject of admiration for many. However, recent developments have cast a shadow of doubt, and possibly corruption, over this picturesque landscape.

An intriguing revelation has been unveiled as public property, a whopping 22,000 square meters of prime coastal land, has been handed over to a private business project titled “WHITE ROADS HOTEL”. An expansive area, one would assume that it would lead to numerous possibilities and prospects. However, the reality is a proposed luxury hotel with only 190 rooms. The math is dauntingly off-balance — an allocation of 115 square meters per room. One has to wonder: what justifies such an exorbitant allocation?

Sources intimate that state authorities have been a little too generous, handing over this sizeable parcel of land for an unspecified timeframe. The looming questions are inescapable: Why such generosity for a project that seems to offer minimal returns to the community? What are the underlying transactions that the public isn’t privy to?

The vision painted by the project contrasts sharply with the needs of the Dhërmi community. Instead of avenues for local employment, improved infrastructure, or community development projects, the locale is met with a behemoth structure that stands to benefit a select few. Specifically, the controversial owners known to have fattened their wallets with public contracts. Their reputation only adds layers to the mystery and deepens the skepticism.

The narrative being spun is one of progress and development, citing a partnership with the international brand, HYATT INTERNATIONAL LLC. But the discerning eye would ask: How does this align with the needs of the community? Can a mere 190-room hotel monopolize such a vast stretch without any significant give-back?

Residents and environmentalists are voicing concerns about the “concrete monsters” that are rapidly usurping the natural beauty of local beaches. The serene landscapes, which once were the pride of the local community, are now under the threat of being overshadowed by towering structures.

As the story unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the Dhërmi community will find answers to their legitimate concerns or if this tale will be yet another chapter in the annals of murky land deals and questionable governance.

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